It's after the holidays. What to do with those gifts?

Like many of you, the last few days were spent with family, exchanging gifts and meals. I am still happy to think of all the interchanges and delicious meals and moments shared. We reminisce often about what gifts we wanted and the things we'll save for next year's White Elephant.

I won't go into great details of gifts received (all of which were so thoughtful, even the ear cleaners...thanks bro? I think?). But when I talk about gifts in the title of this post, I'm thinking of gifts we already have, the ones we've been honing and working on. 

In putting this project together, arlo studio, I have been thinking about the gifts I have and sharing them with others. I'll be stepping into that space in a few days, hosting an Intention and Resolution Gathering. I know it sounds spooky and woo woo, and maybe it is, because once you put what you want or aspire to out there, it gathers momentum. I've seen things become real once you call them into being, and I wanted to be able to facilitate that for my friends and their friends. 

Gifts are meant to be shared with others. Not your socks from under the tree (thanks Mom!), but the ones we are most deeply proud of: our ability to lead others, inspire, teach, intuit the other's needs can help change the world in little ways. Maybe sharing your gift should be one of your new resolutions? 

Happy holidays, and here's to a stellar 2018.



Putting together is a little like setting up a new office. I'm not sure what goes where, but I at the very least have a roof over my head. Over the next few days expect some moving and grooving as we get settled into our new spot.

New stuff you might want to check out are the services section. If you see something you're interested in, please let us know so we can discuss further. 

Thanks for stopping in!

Um, hello? Is this thing on?

Hello there. Welcome to arlo studio.

This has been a long time coming, something that I've been meaning to get started. Then life happened. Then a particularly challenging day at work. Then a book needed to get read. A weekend taking care of the house.

Then one day, I said, let's just do it.

So here we are. 

arlo studio (yes it's in lower caps, that's how I roll) exists to help clients find joy, balance, and level up in all things. We believe we were given a gift, and it's only right to share that gift with others to help them attain their goals.

So now that I've started this, where would you like to go next?