I tried to be a computer notetaker. It just doesn't work for me. I know it's convenient but it doesn't work for how I learn things. I also like to draw, so sue me. Until a tablet can really do it the way I want to, I'm on paper. Also, here are some recs for other paper-y items that might float your boat.



This is my current bullet journal. I like how sturdy it is as well as how well it holds up to travel. I'm not in love with the show through for pens, but I can get over it if only for the sturdiness alone. Remember, you'll probably have this book with you most days of your life.

Highly recommend the dotted pages for those of you all about that bujo life. There are other options available: lined, quadrille, blank. 


Kyokuto F.O.B. Coop

I picked this up at Japantown's Kinokinuya Stationery Store. Cheap and light, this book went with me for 11 months as my first bullet journal. It travelled with me to the Philippines and France and held up so very well. It  is larger than the Leuchtturm1917 and isn't that sexy but you don't want your wingman to outshine you!

Good with fountain pens and markers you will enjoy this well-priced notebook!


MUJI Notebook Dot Grid

If you're lucky enough to have a Muji store in your town, I highly recommend you visit one and bring all the cash.

This notebook is a simple and plain canvas ready for you to throw stickers on and customize. The perfect bullet journal, it takes pens/markers very well. There are other options for their notebooks (bound, stitched, etc), and there are other formats for the pages. Lots of options and plenty of pages. 

A 7 White Blank Flat Panel

Probably one of the most important items in my papeterie is a large box of flat panel cards and envelopes. 

I often send cards, notes, and what not to friends and not-yet-friends. I don't always have that perfect card on hand (birthdays, congratulations, happy bar mitzvah, sorry to hear, graduation)...I would be broke, so these cards come in quite handy. 

Easily customizable and you can add your own touch to it. Best paper purchase by far.