My favorite segment on Cribs was when they would show libraries in other people's homes. Granted, there weren't very many libraries, I still held out hope that someone would have an amazing library. I live in SF and have the Nation's Best Library in my backyard, but if I buy a book, it's legit and want you to read them too!


Designing Your Life

I first picked up this book because it was recommended to me by a colleague who, like me, works with college students and adults who are in transition. This book was easy to read but requires commitment because there is homework that is both insightful and helpful in figuring out what's next...or in a designer's mind: what's possible.


The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help

I read this 1) because it had a compelling title and 2) I love biographies. I didn't know Amanda Palmer when I picked this book up, but I did know that there is an art to getting what you want out of life. As someone who is busy trying to cultivate my own art, this book came at a good time and helped me to determine my community and my worth. 

You'll probably noticed that I picked the hardcover signed version of this book. I did this for a reason: 1) get hardcover books, they just feel right, and 2) support the author. If you decide to get the kindle version, go with it, but if I could get this book all over again (I literally found this book and it urged me to read it) it would be in hardcover.

Also, stop being a prude and write all over your books. Highlight. Tag, Circle. It makes the reading experience so much richer.